There’s an old saying that fences in the backyard keep things in but fences in the front yard keep things out. I believe, like a fence in the backyard, good editorial creates a perfect retreat from the trials of day-to-day living. It invites you to sit a spell and savor a story; to connect with more than your wireless. Too often we are bombarded with editorial that has lost site of the heart of its reader, and like those front-yard fences, sometimes that style leaves the good things — the genuine things — out.

My editorial philosophy is simple: Tell a story and tell it in a way that makes others want to retell it.

My editorial services include:

  • Feature Writing (Travel, dining, shopping, lifestyle, home & gardening and human interest)
  • Producing Editorial Features
  • Location Scouting
  • Web or Blog Content
  • Proofreading