Editorial Writing

My editorial writing style is conversational and warm no matter what the topic may be. Though my passion is writing essay-style stories full of local color and a lot of heart, I also have experience writing creative and concise copy for a variety of subjects including home decor and gardening, travel, health and wellness and food and dining.

I have laughed, sang, cursed and wept my way through the alphabet and learned more than I could ever put down on paper. People think that they’ve got to go out on the road to find themselves but in my experience, that hasn’t been the case. I never discovered the secrets of my soul in a bottomless cup of coffee at some greasy spoon or unearthed the meaning of life while waiting for a tow truck on the side of the highway but I sure did learn how to pack. You see, if you wander enough, you begin to realize what parts of yourself are strong enough to make the journey; you learn what you ought to leave behind. You realize that the real things—the things that you were beautifully and fearfully made up of—are the parts that stick with you no matter how lost you may get.

Excerpt from Kentucky A to Z: A Bluegrass Travel Memoir
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